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As an immigrant, I find comfort in sharing stories with people who have similar experiences and perspectives. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Hi! My name is Yawen  and I am an incoming student at Columbia University. I  immigrated to the United States at nine years old, and moving across the world at a young age had a big impact on me. It was a hard transition to leave the only place I had ever known; I struggled to make friends at school and ease into my American life. In New York, I was quickly exposed to so many new cultures and ideas. I felt a lot of culture shock and loneliness because I didn’t know how to navigate it by myself.


As someone who has experienced the difficulties of immigration and assimilation, I want to help others find common ground through experiences that they share too. I know how lonely, difficult, and scary it can feel when it seems like you’re the only one struggling with being in a new environment, whether it's about your cultural identity or “fitting in.” The best thing I did for myself was to take initiative and research the history of Chinese immigrants in the U.S., as well as stories of those who have navigated similar situations to help manage those difficult times.

By starting Immigration Diaries, I hope to connect people through creative expression. Although all Immigrants share something, I want people to know that they are never alone in their experiences. As I learned what it means to be Chinese American and exist in a multicultural, international city like New York, I wished I had access to more stories of solidarity in my times of loneliness. No matter how different our lives are, I believe there is always a common thread that brings people together. I now have a dream of creating a place for others to find this solidarity with Immigration Diaries.

Our Mission

Immigration Diaries aims to connect people through a dynamic and creative space that empowers the voices of immigrants and those whose lives have been affected by immigration.

Share your story!

We are excited to create a vibrant community of storytellers with both shared and unique experiences related to immigration.


We accept non-fiction, fiction, graphic stories, poetry, and artwork. There is no specific word limit or format. Please feel free to include an Author's Bio as well so that we can introduce contributing writers!


All submissions are reviewed by our team as soon as possible but due to the volume of submissions we are unable to respond to every submission. If your story is selected for publication, we will notify you.

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