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Imagine, on a foreign shore,

Ships linked up on the faraway horizon or

Somewhere else, then molten links of them

Across the water lead us to the sky.

Think of it, a different early morning

To the one we know, not ours, the waters’.

And the lights’. Owned solely by itself

And being it too, we love within it.

We walk across this shore and talk

Of it, we are both in it and of it, as

People are in stories, in places and in

Ancient actions, old as the day beginning.

by Lara Scott Bosley

foreign shore

Lara Scott Bosley lives in England but grew up in South Africa after her mother went there as a young woman to visit family, met her father, whose family was working there too, and stayed. She missed her homeland until she died, a month before Lara's first son was born.

The theme of immigration has run through Lara's extended family's history, as with many people in the 21st century. She has thought and written about it a lot during her life. "Everyone is on the move, and often far from "home" for a while or for the rest of their lives. "


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