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Albino Forest

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Stadium of blue eyes surround me

The charm and pride of a peacock dancing

But something in their stare

Is malicious

Measure me up and shrink this existence

I dress myself in an idling gaze

My golden skin does not belong

Shines too bright

It is gaudy

To this albino forest

I do not belong

In this hurdle

Of thin women and angry men

Where are you from?

My mother’s womb

Why are you here?

I have to be

This no man’s land

Where there is only one palette

Of fascination

I cannot color within these constraints

Ivory to milk

Silver to Pearl

Eggshell to Ash

The comfort of this audience is limited

I drift to this new territory

Eager to leave

Because I cannot conceal

The sliver of my almond eyes

The bronze painted on me forever

I sink in this hole

The albino forest observes

That I can never be a part of something

I was not born in

Never to be welcomed in this albino forest

by Mia Amore

Mia Amore Del Bando (she/her) is a Mexican/Filipino writer, photographer, and creator. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Her writing and photography is featured in Flora Fiction, Poets Choice, Backwards Trajectory, and other publications. Her poetry book Fragments of a Woman’s Brain published by Nymeria Publishing debuts in 2024. She is a faithful friend, difficult daughter, and selfish lover.

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