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Forever Mystery

They look at me, a beautiful alien

I am a forever mystery, an ethnic accessory

Almond, golden eyes




Coin slots

Warm, caramel skin

I scrub hard

Maybe ivory can live

Next to the milk white of my bones




Am I an endangered species?

Behind invisible bars

To peer into

My description bold with my name

They believe the only humans

Are identical to their experience

If I pluck my eyes out

Can you give me oceans to replace?

Even with a new pair

They can see

I am not like them

I can never be them

A forever mystery

Incased in my description

Filipino street immigrant California
An original Image from Mia Amore Del Bando.

by Mia Amore Del Bando

Mia Amore Del Bando (she/her) is a Mexican/Filipino writer, photographer, and creator. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Her writing and photography featured in Flora Fiction, Poets Choice, Backwards Trajectory, and others. Her poetry book Fragments of a Woman’s Brain published by Nymeria Publishing debuts in 2024. She is a faithful friend, difficult daughter, and selfish lover.


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