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That Date

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I still remember that date

Years ago when I arrived at that gate

Family was there to greet

5th Avenue was our street

Once settled I did find

Sadness for all left behind

As the days progressed I knew

I had nothing in common with this crew

Every time that I came to see

Others not like me

Once the language I came to speak

My surrounds weren’t so bleak

Giving others half a chance

Did my life enhance

Now I’m proud to say

It’s my home and where I’ll stay

It’s our mind that needs adjusting

When others we start judging

We all share the same air

And for all others we should care

Matters not where you are from

Now that you share this home

Where all are together to create

A world of peace not hate...

by Natalie V Frazao

Natalie V Frazao is a wife, mother, and grandmother to treasured family, and most recently an author of her first book: A LIFE in VERSE. Writing verses is something new to Natalie, who started writing upon retiring to take care of her first Grandchild 8 years ago. Sleepless nights with thoughts running through her mind first inspired her to write them down, and while she initially wrote to create a small book of memories for her children, as these thoughts flowed they became a book 5 plus years in the making.

Natalie move to Canada from Portugal when she was 9 years old, so many of her thoughts come to her in Portuguese, her native language. She is currently working on a book in Portuguese, which will be followed by a second book of poems in English.

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