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Thoughts of Migration

New world,

new life,

that’s what I wanted

to see,

unforeseen problems,

old dreams,

that’s what

life wrote.

The airport was

like a gate,

but I didn’t know

if it led to heaven or hell,

uncertainty suggested

to return,

hope pushed


Migration is the flight

of a bird

across a foreign sky,

only future knows

if wings will be driven

by friendly winds

or will you end up

like Icarus.

by Norbert Góra

Norbert Góra is a 33 year old poet and writer from Poland. He is the author of more than 130 poems published in many poetry anthologies and magazines around the world. He has written four dark poetry books in English - "A globe bathed in horror," "Darkness in the end," "Deadlines," "There must be something between dark and light," and one short story collection of horror ,"Brutality." He is inspired by both the light and the murkiness and always looking for publishing opportunities in new languages.

falling feather immigrant


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